Esther Murray

Please Go Through Everything Before your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

In short:

Our goal is to create an impetus for you to shift, expanding beyond your limitations, and becoming the stronger, more resilient individual. The way we do this is by establishing a co-creative rapport. That is, we ask you provocative questions to help you access your own inner wisdom to guide your next action steps, provide focus and support to help clients keep moving forward, celebrating their successes, holding their hands when life gets tough and acting as steward for the life our clients are reaching for.

The real reason.


Clients who show up are individuals who are overwhelmed and dismayed by a stifling, unrewarding and depressing work environment.

Their present jobs do not reward them financially or emotionally at the level they deserve.

You are tired of feeling stuck and do not know how to pull yourself out from your morass.

They are ignored or forgotten at work, passed over for promotions, and unable to compete with their male counterparts.

They are looking for a path upwards and outwards where they rediscover their inner passions and strengths. My program will help them find that path.

All of their frustration causes a feeling of disconnect from their family, friends and their sense of self-worth. They need to break free and make the jump to a new beginning.

Their urgent drive and need to change their life will lead them, with my guidance, to a new rewarding and meaningful career.


All the wonders you seek are within yourself. Therefore, you show up to a session physically and energetically ready to take charge of your destiny.

Cast aside those self-doubts and fears as your new journey begins the moment you take charge of your tomorrow.

You will rediscover your inner strengths and unique talents that make you different from everyone else.

You will be given assignments and techniques to allow you to uncover your inner talents and interests, a side of yourself that you haven’t taken advantage of or perhaps even thought about.

One on one coaching sessions will keep you focused and moving forward. You will have full access via E-mail to get feedback and encouragement.

As a result, you will grow out of your current quagmire and find the confidence to go in a new direction.

You will gain the inspiration and confidence to jump into a new life that is emotionally and financially satisfying.

With a catalyst and cheerleader on the sideline, pushing you ahead, sharing in your dreams, you will find courage and confidence to transform yourself into an effective, happy and complete you.


My clients will benefit enormously when they perceive I am fully present and throw the spotlight on them.

They want a coach who is authentic and knowledgeable, someone who is an expert in their corner and different from everyone else. I will be that coach to the client.

When it comes to honesty, the real good clients want objective, honest truth. I will be the coach who is authentic and down-to-earth. I will help the client navigate through choppy waters and rough seas.

The client wants to find the coach with the right fit for her situation. Progress will only happen if the coach understands your problem. The coach and client must have good rapport and should communicate well to establish a success coaching relationship.

With an effective coach the client will move forward with confidence and find her path to fulfillment.

In the end, you can climb out from a mindset of “not enough” and know that you “are enough.” Just be ready and willing to make the transformation into the life that you deserve. There is a better, fulfilling life waiting for you. You only need the encouragement to find it.

2. What can I expect from the call?

We’re going to conduct a powerful discovery conversation, with incisive questions, so we can unravel what your current needs or challenges are and whether we can support you in solving those challenges. Once you, the prospect, has agreed to become a client, we will co-create a Coaching Plan that outlines the goals, action steps, and results to be obtained from the coaching work.

3. Who is Esther Murray?
Esther Murray started her coaching career prior to the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. She has worked for one government agency in NYC for over 23 years during which time she has been a troubleshooter for the agency, tackling special assignments, and privileged to train interns entering the workforce. In 2016 she was the honored spokesperson for Women’s Day, chosen from over 500+ people. She is a mentor to several of her colleagues, mostly women who seek her valued advice on their career and personal growth. She originally came to New York City from a small Caribbean island, Tobago, in 1993 despite significant personal adversity, growing into the resilient, self-confident woman she is today. In the Big Apple she threw herself into academia, proudly obtaining her Master of Science in Global Affairs from NYU (2015), certificate of leadership from Cornell University ILR (2016), and most recently her MA in Labor Studies from CUNY School of Professional Studies (2019). These experiences further honed her leadership skills, buttressed by a passion, always, for those who are mistreated and undervalued. All these make her into a very effective coach for professional women.

Her years of experience in government and academia, plus her desire to motivate and inspire others to be who they want to be, has led other women to approach her for guidance and support. They know she will give full attention and encouragement to what is troubling and depressing them in their work environment.

Esther is driven to reach women from all walks of life and is equipped to get them to a place where they can shine and maximize their true potential.

Some People I’ve Worked With


“Esther was a great listener. I was able to recognize the daily steps I need to take for my future goals to be accomplished. I left feeling encouraged!”


“Esther is a wonderful person and a great listener. She asked me insight questions that helped me get a better perspective on my situation. She follows up selflessly to see how things ae going.”


“Esther has a great matter of fact approach to problem solving and was helpful to me in finding some clarity on pressing issues. Thanks, Esther!”


“Esther took the time to listen to me and her calming, insightful advice and support was just what I needed.”


“Esther was amazing! She really took her time to listen to and understand me. I love how open she was as she shared some of her own personal experiences. She is professional, but very warm and relatable. She gave me insights and tips that helped to bring clarity to my situation. I highly recommend working with Esther.”


“Esther is a joy to work with. She is patient and willing. I struggled at first with adjusting my mindset and Esther was able to slowly yet gently coach me to see another perspective. It was encouraging to be able to feel a shift in the first 30 seconds of our time together. After our session was complete, I had new insights and felt a big surge of positivity.”


“I met Esther through Mindvalley. We hit it off right away and in a short conversation we then discussed together what I had in mind in terms of my life’s calling. Filling out the worksheet “Authentic Vocation” was an easy task for me and I enjoyed working with Esther because she is very attentive, uncomplicated, reliable, precise and customer-oriented. I can only recommend Esther!”


“It was a pleasure to speak with Esther. She is totally committed to understanding the problems I face in my work and offers clear headed thinking to analyze problems. Her empathy comes shining through and gave me confidence.
Highly recommended.”


“Esther has a truly special gift. She is an amazing and attentive listener. Her words are so simple yet so powerful. She helped to transform how I view the difficulties in my life. I walked away from our sessions feeling lighter, refreshed & ready to take on the next challenge. She worked so well regardless of our different time zones. Esther is a wonderful coach who truly wants to help build other people. Thank you!”


“Ms. Murray listened intently to my concerns and offered suggestions that demonstrated a clear understanding of my issues and provided a path to begin an understanding of how to find solutions to those issues. She knows how to get to the nub of the matter quicky, which give me great confidence in the coaching process an in her abilities as a coach.
I recommend her very highly.”